Forstrom Jackson will help you resolve business and securities disputes through negotiation, mediation or trial. Our goal is to help our clients resolve their disputes through the most cost-efficient means available. We will assess the potential risks, benefits, and costs of litigation and counsel the most effective course for our clients.

  • License disputes
  • Proxy contest litigation
  • Broker-client disputes
  • Administrative and public law matters
  • Forestry disputes
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Occupiers liability
  • Employment law

Forstrom Jackson lawyers represent clients in a broad range Corporate, Commercial and Securities matters including:

  • Corporate, Partnership and LLC Transactions
  • Shareholder Disputes, Partnership Disagreements and LLC Lawsuits
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Injunctions
  • Contract litigation
  • Contract preparation
  • Contract review
  • Insider trading compliance
  • Securities fraud

Practice Areas

Lawyers at Forstrom Jackson have extensive experience in the courts, administrative tribunals, disciplinary panels and arbitration panels. Lawyers at the firm act in proceedings in the British Columbia Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and other courts in Canada as well as proceedings in various administrative tribunals (including the LSBC, the BCSC, and IIROC (formerly the IDA and RS) and the MFDA.

Forstrom Jackson brings tenacity, litigation skills, and a commitment to principled advocacy on behalf of clients - both creative and cost-effective.

corporate, commercial

and securities litigation Lawyers.

Forstrom Jackson